What To Wear

What To Wear

The most important part of getting ready is making sure you have the right clothes. Find something comfortable and that makes you feel beautiful and that enthusiasm will come through in your photos. Your confidence is a big part of what makes the session come to life! Just make sure to dress appropriately for the season because not one wants to be too hot or cold. Also, Vermont has lots of bugs and ticks. It's not a bad idea to throw on some repellant to protect yourself when walking through some tall grasses to get the perfect picture.

Women’s Clothing

Dresses add lots of movement, elegance, and grace to photos and are very flattering on women. So don’t be afraid to dress up! For a more relaxed look, a textured sweater with pants and boots are a solid way to go as well. Don’t forget to add some flattering jewelry or scarf to accent your style! Be careful about hat accessories as sometimes they may cast harsh shadows on your face.

Men’s Clothing

Button-up shirts are a sure way to look sharp in a masculine tailored way. Combine that with fitted slacks or khakis and add a blazer or sportcoat and you will be turning heads! If you want a more casual look, jeans will show your relaxed nature and family side. Rings and watches also look excellent on men and adds some masculinity to their look. 

Kids Clothing

The best bet for girls is a dress or skirt. Just like for women, the flowing nature adds movement to your photos and shows their inner child bursting through. Boys look amazing in slacks and button-ups just like their Dad. 

Make sure to try clothing on ahead of your session. This can help avoid headaches immediately prior to our big day and ensure that you are confident in your attire. Remember, I will do the work, but to do that I need you to be comfortable!

To Match Or Not To Match?

There is no need for everyone to wear the same exact style or outfit. In fact, sometimes variety can look amazing too! Your best option is to choose colors that compliment each other. Coordinating a nice color palette can be more interesting than matching and it allows each individual’s unique style to spring forth. If one person has a busy texture, have another with a solid. If another has a layered cardigan, have another with an interesting accessory. These will balance the look of your photo. Be sure to avoid both stripes and neon colors which often distract from the overall image and clash with the other outfits.

Hats Off To You!

Don't get us wrong, we adore a jaunty hat as much as the next person, but when it comes to family photos, those brimmed beauties can cast a dark shadow across your gleaming smiles. So, unless we're shooting a secret agent-themed photoshoot, let's save the fedoras and baseball caps for another day. It's all about letting those radiant faces steal the show!

Hair And Makeup

If you like, eyeliner can help the eyes pop. Opting for matte makeup ensures your skin looks evenly radiant without any unwanted glare. A hint of lip color can add definition and vibrancy to your smile. And don’t forget hairspray – if your hair has a tendency to get wild, it's a savior for taming those unruly strands, ensuring every hair is in its perfect place. Remember, the goal is to look your best while still feeling like yourself. A little bit can go a long way to capture both the external and internal essence of the portrait.

What a spectacle!

We absolutely don't want you stumbling into trees or mistaking your spouse for a park statue. However, glasses are notorious for their flashy, spotlight-stealing antics, casting glare and light flares in all the wrong places. So, if you happen to have a pair of glare-free glasses, we highly recommend sporting them for the session. It'll help keep the focus on your twinkling eyes, rather than the sun's reflection.